American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Crossword TournamentCrossword Tournament

44th ACPT • April 1-3, 2022

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Tyler Hinman, Tournament Victor
Don Christensen
The winner, Tyler Hinman!


  1. David Plotkin
  2. Dan Feyer
  3. Tyler Hinman - WINNER!
  4. Andy Kravis
  5. Stella Zawistowski
  6. Paolo Pasco
  7. Joon Pahk
  8. Glen Ryan
  9. Howard Barkin
  10. Matthew Gritzmacher

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B division winners

  1. Paolo Pasco
  2. Adam Doctoroff
  3. Jesse Lansner

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C division winners

  1. Mike Wilhelm
  2. Dan Schwartz
  3. Andrew Lim

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Capsule History

Year 44 • 2022 • 474 contestants

The first in-person ACPT in three years. Program highlights included remarks by Josh Wardle, inventor of the game craze Wordle, who conducted a live Wordle competition on players' smartphones; "Palindrome Fight," a 60-minute palindrome-writing competition, won by Lisa Bunker; "Fact or Fake?," a trivia contest by Stan Newman; and presentation of the annual MEmoRiaL award, by Marie Haley, to Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon. On Sunday, students from Yale staged a preview of their musical "Word Nerd." A virtual ACPT, with 350 participants, was conducted simultaneously with the in-person event. The tournament was livestreamed for the first time. It was filmed for HBO's "Real Sports" and a CBC documentary. In Sunday's "A" division playoffs, Tyler Hinman won for the seventh time.

Capsule history of all previous years.

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  • Ben Zimmer: 2022 Division A Finals | 2022 Division B Finals
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    In the News

    Solving Perfection

    The following 32 contestants solved all 7 puzzles with no mistakes.

    Justin Ames, Evan Birnholz, Kevan Choset, Frank Colangelo, Patrick Dicaprio, Alexandra Doumani, Steve Feldman, Dan Feyer, Adam Gale, Peter Gordon, Randy Guggenheimer, Tyler Hinman, Susan Hoffman, Jason Keller, Andy Kravis, Jesse Lansner, Andrew Lim, Robert Mackey, Phoebe McBee, Robin Morrissey, David Moulton, Jonathan Olsen, Greg Pliska, David Plotkin, Nancy Ross, Dan Sadoff, Dan Schwartz, Rocky Schwarz, Roberta Strauss, Marcus Tonti, Karen von Haam, Stella Zawistowski.

    Explain Puzzle 5 like I'm 5

    Spoiler alert! Don't click the link unless you have tried Puzzle 5 and want to understand the theme.

    Click to reveal the Puzzle 5 theme


    In Alphabetical Order

    Click for photos of this year's constructors and officials

    Officials — 2022

    DirectorWill Shortz
    CoordinatorMichael Smith
    Lead Tech Team and WebmasterNancy Parsons
    Lead JudgeMike Nothnagel
    Database PreparerJoe Cabrera
    Virtual Tournament ManagerDave Sullivan
    PhotographerDon Christensen
    NametagsMike Shenk
    Playoff AnnouncersOphira Eisenberg and Greg Pliska


    Scoring is based on accuracy and speed. Score as follows:

    1. 10 points for every correct word you entered across and down
    2. A bonus of 25 points for each full minute you finished ahead of the suggested solution time — BUT reduced by 25 points for each missing or incorrect letter (but not beyond the point the bonus returns to zero)
    3. A bonus of 150 points for each completely correct solution

    For the purpose of scoring, a "word" consists of any series of letters written between black squares in the grid, or between a black square and the border of the grid, whether it is a single word, a phrase, or otherwise.

    Complete rules will be explained prior to competition.

    Who Competes?

    Contestants simultaneously compete in all events for which they are eligible:

    Division AEveryone
    Division BContestants who have not won a Division A or Division B prize during their last seven tournaments
    Division CContestants who have not finished in the top 20% during their last three tournaments
    Division DContestants who have not finished in the top 40% during their last three tournaments
    Division EContestants who have not finished in the top 65% during their last three tournaments
    Age DivisionsSolvers 25 years and under (Juniors), 50-59 years (Fifties), 60-69 years (Sixties), 70-79 (Seventies) and 80+ (Seniors)
    Regional DivisionsSolvers in each of 11 geographical regions:
    Connecticut, Other New England, New York City, Long Island, Westchester/Upstate New York, New Jersey, Other Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, West, Canada/Foreign [map]
    RookiesContestants competing for their first time. Rookies are not eligible for "D" or "E" prizes.


    Division A1st Prize$5,000
     4th-10th (each)Trophy
    Division B1st Prize$500
    Division C1st Prize$100
    Each of Divisions D and E;
    Juniors, Fifties,
    Sixties, Seventies, Seniors
    1st-3rd PrizesTrophy
    11 Regional Winners (each) [map]1st & 2nd PrizesTrophy
    Rookies1st Prize$500
     4th & 5thTrophy

    Plus Every prizewinner receives a New York Times crossword collection from St. Martin's Press.