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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2022 ACPT Tournament: Friday Night

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Marion Kahn, Vic FlemingMarion Kahn, Vic Fleming

Mike Shenk, Will Shortz, Elizabeth HiraMike Shenk, Will Shortz, Elizabeth Hira

Nancy Parsons, Michael SmithNancy Parsons, Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Nancy Parsons, Patrick MerrellMichael Smith, Nancy Parsons, Patrick Merrell

A Robust RegistrationA Robust Registration

Mike Shenk, Phoebe McBee, Mike NothnagelMike Shenk, Phoebe McBee, Mike Nothnagel

Tournament Constructors Brendan E Quigley, Tracy Gray, Robyn WeintraubBrendan E Quigley Tracy Gray Robyn Weintraub

Friday Arrival Friday Arrival

Effusive OfficialsEffusive Officials

Lisa Bunker, Joel Fagliano Lisa Bunker, Joel Fagliano

Miriam and Ruth Raphael, Will ShortzMiriam and Ruth Raphael, Will Shortz

2022 ACPT Live Streamer Alhasan Mohamed2022 ACPT Live Streamer Alhasan Mohamed

Josh Wardle, Palak Shah, Will ShortzJosh Wardle, Partner, Will Shortz

Will Addresses 2022 AttendeesWill Addresses 2022 Attendees

Josh Wardle at the MikeJosh Wardle at the Mike

Josh Wardle Speaks to Friday CrowdJosh Wardle Speaks to Friday Crowd

Will Shortz Applauds Josh WardleWill Shortz Applauds Josh Wardle

Josh Wardle Media FocusJosh Wardle Media Focus

Cell App Close Up ViewCell App Close Up View

Eric Mannes, Josh Wardle, Will  Shortz on WordleEric Mannes, Josh Wardle, Will Shortz on Wordle

Eric Mannes Works the Wordle PuzzleEric Mannes Works the Wordle Puzzle

Wordle Creator, Josh WardleWordle Creator, Josh Wardle

Will Shortz Welcomes ACPT SolversWill Shortz Welcomes ACPT Solvers

Will Tackles Wordle with WardleWill Tackles Wordle with Wardle

Josh Wardle at ACPT 2022Josh Wardle at ACPT 2022

ACPT Affirmative ActionACPT Affirmative Action

A Winner SpottedA Winner Spotted

Stanley Newman 2022Stanley Newman 2022

Fred Flies to Fetch a PuzzleFred Flies to Fetch a Puzzle

Will and camerasA 20 X 20 Grid isThis Big

Conscientious SolversConscientious Solvers

Jayne JuffeJayne Juffe

Friday Fun Finishers Group IFriday Fun Finishers Group I

Paolo Picks Up a Friday PrizePaolo Picks Up a Friday Prize

Friday Fun Finishers Group IIFriday Fun Finishers Group II

Friday Fun Finishers Group IIIFriday Fun Finishers Group III

Mike Shenk Mingles on Friday NightMike Shenk Mingles on Friday Night

Friday Fun Finishers Group IVFriday Fun Finishers Group IV

Rare Crosswords Bracelet Rare Crosswords Bracelet

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