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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2022 ACPT Tournament: Saturday

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Virginia Sory BrownVirginia Sory Brown

Mr and Mrs John MuellerMr and Mrs John Mueller

Educator Robert MoyEducator Robert Moy

Will Shortz Addressing Saturday CrowdWill Shortz Addressing Saturday Crowd

Will Shortz Passes Out PuzzlesWill Shortz Passes Out Puzzles

ACPT 2022 Full Room MaskedACPT 2022 Full Room Masked

Future Champion SpottedFuture Champion Spotted

Recurring Champion SpottedRecurring Champion Spotted

Early FinisherEarly Finisher

Masked Solver DoneMasked Solver Done

Greg Pliska DoneGreg Pliska Done

A Photo FinishA Photo Finish

Great CoverageGreat Coverage

Simply Sam EzerskySimply Sam Ezersky

Will's DomainWill's Domain

Solving Safely in 2022Solving Safely in 2022

A Call for Pick UpA Call for Pick Up

Paolo Pasco 2022Paolo Pasco 2022

Mr Zimmer, OfficialMr Zimmer, Official

The Clock Stops for No OneThe Clock Stops for No One

The Importance of CheckingThe Importance of Checking

Stu Ockman, ACPT's Best DressedStu Ockman, ACPT's Best Dressed

Meanwhile, in the basement

Nancy Parsons, Queen of the IT War RoomNancy Parsons, Queen of the IT War Room

2022 Official, John Lieb2022 Official, John Lieb

2022 Official, Jim Russell2022 Official, Jim Russell

2022 Official, Damon Gulczynski2022 Official, Damon Gulczynski

2022 Official, Jen Yuan2022 Official, Jen Yuan

2022 Official, Shehroze Aamer2022 Official, Shehroze Aamer

2022 Scoring Group I2022 Scoring Group I

Officials Jen Yuan, Mike NothnagelOfficials Jen Yuan, Mike Nothnagel

2022 Scoring Group II 2022 Scoring Group II

2022 Scoring Group 32022 Scoring Group 3

A Toast to Precise ScoringA Toast to Precise Scoring

Michael Smith, Natalie Novick, Yvette MeshelMichael Smith, Natalie Novick, Yvette Meshel

And, back upstairs


Jim Beloff, Colleague, Howard BarkinJim Beloff, Colleague, Howard Barkin

Marie Haley, MEmoRiaL AwardMarie Haley, MEmoRiaL Award

Suzanne Shea, Nicole MobleySuzanne Shea, Nicole Mobley

Michael Smith, Robert FuhrerMichael Smith, Robert Fuhrer

Crosswords Icon Stanley NewmanCrosswords Icon Stanley Newman

Three Crosswords FriendsThree Crosswords Friends

Legendary Nancy SchusterLegendary Nancy Schuster

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