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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2022 ACPT Tournament: Sunday

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Yale University Word Nerd Musical CastYale University Word Nerd Musical Cast

Scene from Word NerdScene from Word Nerd

Canada's Emily O'Neill, Joel FaglianoCanada's Emily O'Neill, Joel Fagliano

Joel Fagliano, Al SandersJoel Fagliano, Al Sanders

Greg Pliska, Ophira EisenbergGreg Pliska, Ophira Eisenberg

2022 Div C Finalists2022 Div C Finalists

2022 Div B Finalists2022 Div B Finalists

2022 Div A Finalists2022 Div A Finalists

Division C Finalists UnderwayDivision C Finalists Underway

Division C Finalists Head to HeadDivision C Finalists Head to Head

Audience Watches Division C FinalistsAudience Watches Division C Finalists

Division C's, Mike Wilhelm, Dan SchwartzDivision C's, Mike Wilhelm, Dan Schwartz

Division C Finalist Andrew LimDivision C Finalist Andrew Lim

Division C Finalist Andrew Lim, DoneDivision C Finalist Andrew Lim, Done

2022 Div C Champ Mike Wilhelm2022 Div C Champ Mike Wilhelm

Final Puzzle Creator Wyna Liu, Greg Pliska, Ophira EisenbergFinal Puzzle Creator Wyna Liu, Greg Pliska, Ophira Eisenberg

Will Shortz Introduces Division B FinalistsWill Shortz Introduces Division B Finalists

Stage Prep for Div B FinalStage Prep for Div B Final

Division B Finalists UnderwayDivision B Finalists Underway

Paolo Pasco, Adam Doctoroff Head to HeadPaolo Pasco, Adam Doctoroff Head to Head

Division B Jesse Lansner at WorkDivision B Jesse Lansner at Work

Doctoroff Attacks Lower RightDoctoroff Attacks Lower Right

Finished, Paolo Waits PatientlyFinished, Paolo Waits Patiently

Division B Celebratory SelfieDivision B Celebratory Selfie

Division B Thumbs Up WinDivision B Thumbs Up Win

Sam Ezersky, Paolo Pasco After WinSam Ezersky, Paolo Pasco After Win

Final Prep for Div A FinalFinal Prep for Div A Final

A Moment for MeditationA Moment for Meditation

Nancy Parsons Readies David PlotkinNancy Parsons Readies David Plotkin

Brendan Quigley Readies Dan FeyerBrendan Quigley Readies Dan Feyer

Dan Feyer at the StartDan Feyer at the Start

Tyler Hinman Tackles Upper RightTyler Hinman Tackles Upper Right

Dan Seeks A Tzatziki RelativeDan Seeks A Tzatziki Relative

Tyler Hinman, David Plotkin, Dan Feyer, 2022Tyler Hinman, David Plotkin, Dan Feyer, 2022

Plotkin and Hinman Head to HeadPlotkin and Hinman Head to Head

And Tyler's DoneAnd Tyler's Done

Praying That Vic Finds No ErrorsPraying That Vic Finds No Errors

Smooth Sailing to VictorySmooth Sailing to Victory

Stress RelievedStress Relieved

Tyler and his puzzleTyler and his puzzle

The Clock TicksThe Clock Ticks

Division A Mutual RespectDivision A Mutual Respect

It's OfficialIt's Official

Multi-Talented TrioMulti-Talented Trio

Jonathan Gersch, Sam EzerskyJonathan Gersch, Sam Ezersky

Joel Fagliano, Wyna LiuJoel Fagliano, Wyna Liu

Constructor Wyna Liu's Fan ClubConstructor Wyna Liu's Fan Club

Alexis Benveniste and Champ Tyler HinmanAlexis Benveniste and Champ Tyler Hinman

Sweet Taste of VictorySweet Taste of Victory

Final TruceFinal Truce

Editorial Board ReviewEditorial Board Review

Tyler Hinman 2022 ACPT ChampionTyler Hinman 2022 ACPT Champion

Tyler Hinman, Will Shortz, Wyna Liu 2022 ACPTTyler Hinman, Will Shortz, Wyna Liu 2022 ACPT

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