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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2019 ACPT Tournament: Sunday

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Standing Ovation for Alex TrebekStanding Ovation for Alex Trebek

2817 Ovation for Miriam RaphaelOvation for Miriam Raphael

C Division FinalistsC Division Finalists

A Division FinalistsA Division Finalists

2831 Division C Underway Division C Underway

2833 Brian and Claire Make HeadwayBrian and Claire Make Headway

2834 Lily Accelerating Lily Accelerating

2836 Working Out The Top Working Out The Top

2838 Claire, Intensely FocusedClaire, Intensely Focused

2840 Lily Preps for VictoryLily is in the groove

2845 Crowd Views Claire and BrianCrowd Views Claire and Brian

2850 Pressure Buillds, ClockTicksPressure Builds, Clock Ticks

2854 Finishing UpFinishing Up

2859 Lily, Having Clinched DivLily, Checking Her Work

C Division WinnerC Division Winner, Lily Geller

Prep for A Finals Prep for A Finals

Constructor Dreamer Frame 2962I wonder how they'll do!?

2965 Dan and David UnderwayDan and David Underway

2967 The A Team UnderwayThe A Team At Work

2972 Champ Fills Top Right Dan Fills Top Right

2983 Joon Making a MoveJoon Making a Move

2987 Zoom in on JoonZoom in on Joon

2993 Dan and Joon Head to HeadDan and Joon Head to Head

2995 Dan Nears CompletionDan Nears Completion

2997 Final Stroke to VictoryFinal Stroke to Victory

2998 It's All Dan NowDone!

2999 A Wrap for Dan A Wrap for Dan

3001 You Think This Is EasyYou Think This Is Easy?

Dan Done 2019 A Finals Frame 3004How'd I Do?

3005 Finals Announcers & OnlookersFinals Announcers, Mike Shenk & Onlookers

3006 I'm BackI'm Back

3009 David Checks His WorkDavid Checks His Work

3016 Now I Can ExhaleNow I Can Exhale

3019 What Was Dan's 46 Across What Was Dan's 46 Across?

A Division WinnerA Division Winner

2019 Constructor, Champ and Master2019 Constructor, Champ and Master

Robyn WRobyn Weintraub with Dan Feyer

3036 Robin's Creation for FinalsRobin's Creation for Finals

First Female Final Puzzle 2019First Female Final Puzzle 2019

3043 Queen of Crosswords and Her CourtQueen of Crosswords Mimi and Her Family Court

Robyn Weintraub with Joon PahkRobyn Weintraub with Joon Pahk

George Washington Honesty AwardGeorge Washington Honesty Award

Pliskas 2019 Pliskas 2019

3055 Lisa Jeon Celebrates Year 23055 Lisa Jeon Celebrates Year 2

3057 Constructor Jonathan Gersch 3057 Constructor Jonathan Gersch

Finals Talent Team 2019Finals Talent Team 2019

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