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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2019 ACPT Tournament: Saturday morning

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Deb and Joel 2336Deb Amlen and Joel Fagliano, preparing for a long Saturday

Sam and Will Frame 2338Sam Ezersky and Will Shortz

Jim and Evie Frame 2359Jim Page and Evie Eysenburg at the Registration desk

Stoic Judges 2019 Frame 2363Saturday Registration!

Back Pack Sign In 2366Tracy Bennett checks in a competitor

Sign In Welcome 2369Saturday Registration!

Welcome from Jeffrey 2370Saturday Registration!

Black Tie Optional 2373Fancy Dress Optional

T Shirt Delight 2377T Shirt Delight

Crosswords Bazaar 2378Crosswords Bazaar

The Unstoppable Marie HThe Unstoppable Marie Haley

Cozy Crosswords Companion Warming Up with a Cozy Crossword Companion

Black and White CirclesThe Tastiest Crossword Clue

Fun Judges 2388Terrence, John and Michael smiling before Puzzle 1

Puzzle Pen Frame 2396Crossward Bazaar Puzzle Pen

Best of Friends 2399Bonnie Sirower and Janet Bradlow

Cheerful Cruciverbalists Judie Berger, Norma Mindell, Bonnie Sirower and Janet Bradlow

Minimus and Friends 2401Minimus and Friends

Mike and Deb Share a Laugh Mike Alpern and Deb Amlen Share a Laugh

Photo Op with Will 2407Photo Op with Will

Will Shortz Michelle Arnot Frame 2409Will Shortz and Michelle Arnot

Saturday morning IntroductionsSaturday morning Introductions

Mayoral Proclamation 2432Mayoral Proclamation, delivered by Marriott Director of Sales & Marketing, Tom Civitano

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