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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2019 ACPT Tournament: Saturday

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Sam at the Ready 2433Sam at the Ready

Will Serious2352Ready, Begin.

As Far as the Eye Can SeeAs Far as the Eye Can See (not shown is the downstairs solving rooom with 160 contestants!)

Lion G and Joel DarrowLion G and Joel Darrow solve Puzzle 1

Finishers 2444Done

Done 2447Done!

Byron Walden & Friends 2453Byron Walden

Will Working the Room 2457Will Working the Room

Norma Finished 2462Norma Finished Puzzle 1

Kristy, Tom and Wendy 2463Kristy, Tom and Wendy Gardner

Book Sale 2465Book Sale

Elena's Store 2466Elena's hand-crafted t's and cards

Labyrinth Table 2467Labyrinth Table

Champion Dan and Friends 2469Champion Dan and Friends

Book Sale 2470Dell PennyPress represent

Puzzle 2Puzzle 2

Eager to BeginEager to Begin

Solver's Row 2480Solver's Row

Early Finish for Current Champ 2481Early Finish for Current Champ on Puzzle 2

A Cookie of Our Own 2489A Cookie of Our Own

OK, Who Did That 2492OK, Who Did That

Peter GordonPeter Gordon

Right Over There 2501Right Over There

Enough is Enough 2506Puzzle 3 in the bag

Time Clock Portraiture 2513Ready for Puzzle 4

Greetings Solvers 2517Afternoon reminders before Puzzle 4

Classic 2019 Crowd Shot 2519Classic 2019 Crowd Shot

Looking Out Over Creation 2522Looking On

Estonia Young Judge 2527Estonia Runner

The Only One Done 2528The Only One Done

The Chief 2530The Chief

Success 2531Success

Seasoned Solvers 2536Seasoned Solvers

Liquid Sustenance 2538Liquid Sustenance

A Closer Look 2539A Closer Look

Gotta Think This Thru 2540Gotta Think This Thru

Hannah 2542Hannah

I Have Finished 2546I Have Finished Puzzle 4

Yes, I'm DoneYes, I'm Done

Deep in Thought 2552Deep in Thought

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