American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

36th ACPT • March 8-10, 2013


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NOTE: All queries and challenges have been addressed. Barring any additional queries, the posted rankings are final. Puzzle scans (see left) will be available for several months and then permanently removed. All available scans are posted.

Tournament Victor Dan Feyer with Will Shortz and Final Puzzle Constructor Kevin Der
Don Christensen
Tournament Victor Dan Feyer with Will Shortz and Final Puzzle Constructor Kevin Der


  1. Dan Feyer
  2. Anne Erdmann
  3. Tyler Hinman
  4. Francis Heaney
  5. Stella Zawistowski

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B division

  1. Robert Mackey
  2. Jeffrey Schwartz
  3. Glen Ryan

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C division

  1. Benjamin Coe
  2. Jeff Davidson
  3. Aaron Wilson

Full C Division Results

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Capsule History

Special events included eight Arthur Wynne puzzles from the New York World, 1913-14, talks by Michelle Arnot and David Steinberg, and a cryptic competition, won by Mark Goodliffe, six-time British crossword champion. Matt Ginsberg's crossword solving program, Dr. Fill, competed unofficially and finished in 104th place. Comedian Ophira Eisenberg, the host of NPR's "Ask Me Another," joined Greg Pliska to do the playoff commentary. Dan Feyer won for the fourth year in a row. Anne Erdmann made the finals for the fourth year in a row, finishing second.

Will Shortz

Capsule history of all previous years.

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Solving Perfection

The following 60 contestants solved all 7 puzzles with no mistakes.

Peter Braxton, Patty Buethe, Joe Cabrera, Alan Christensen, Paul Coulter, Tom Daily, Jon Delfin, Marie desJardins, Alice Dutton, Vicki Eastus, Anne Erdmann, Andrew Feist, Dan Feyer, Amy Goldstein, Peter Gordon, Peter Gwinn, Rolf Hamburger, Craig Harman, Francis Heaney, Elizabeth Hefferon, Tyler Hinman, Susan Hoffman, Jeremy Horwitz, Jeff Hyson, Richard Kalustian, Kiran Kedlaya, Lou Kesten, Erhard Konerding, Joshua Kosman, Andy Kravis, Ken Lauterbach, Parker Lewis, David Lieb, Robert Mackey, Andrew McDonnell, Rich Norris, Emily O'Neill, Jan O'Sullivan, Joon Pahk, Doug Peterson, Greg Pliska, Ricardo Quinones, Ira Rashbaum, Arnold Reich, Amy Reynaldo, Ellen Ripstein, Dawn Ross, Lion Rowley, Jeffrey Schwartz, Rocky Schwarz, Michael Sharp, Dan Singer, Ken Stern, Vegavahini Subramaniam, Marcus Tonti, Kevin Wald, Nina Webb-Lawton, Scott Weiss, John Wilson, Stella Zawistowski.

[subject to change during the first week after the tournament!]

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Officials — 2013

DirectorWill Shortz
CoordinatorHelene Hovanec
WebmasterNancy Parsons Heller
Scoring ProgrammerMatt Ginsberg
Database PreparerJoe Cabrera
Online Tournament ManagerPeter Ritmeester
PhotographerDon Christensen
NametagsMike Shenk
Playoff BoardsDouglas Ashleigh
Playoff AnnouncersOphira Eisenberg and Greg Pliska
Judges and referees (in alphabetical order)
Doug Ashleigh, Anna Ball, Patrick Blindauer, Allison Broad, Peter Broda, Nick Cere, Jeff Chen, Mark Danna, Michael Dewey, John Dunn, Evie Eysenburg, Vic Fleming, Charles Foreman, Ethan Friedman, Paula Gamache, Mangesh Ghogre, Matt Ginsberg, Elizabeth Gorski, Jeffrey Harris, Kristian House, Helene Hovanec, Joan Hume, Marvin Hume, Casey Julia, Elly Kalfus, Fran Kaplan, Sarah Keller, Marilyn Kelly, Shawn Kennedy, Joan Kuhn, Kate Lepp, Steve Levy, Ian Livengood, Aimee Lucido, Pat Merrell, Nicole Mobley, Mala Nagarajan, Stan Newman, Mike Nothnagel, Evan O’Donnell, Leanne O’Donnell, Jim Page, Ben Pall, Nancy Parsons, Fred Piscop, Brendan Quigley, Martin Ramos, Daniel Raymon, Laurie Resnick, Sara Sadin, Nancy Schuster, Mike Shenk, Michael Smith, Janie Smulyan, Lloyd Stableford, David Steinberg, Andrew Stern, Donna Tessitore, Ashish Vengsarkar, Bruce Venzke, Emily Volz, Byron Walden, Susan West, Brad Wilber, Jen Yuan

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