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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2021 ACPT Tournament: Don's Picks

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Howard Barkin Al Sanders at MarriottHoward Barkin Al Sanders at Marriott

ACPT Photo Retrospective with Live ChatACPT Photo Retrospective with Live Chat

Will's Stage PositionWill's Stage Position

Adrienne Raphel Image 7304Adrienne Raphel

Will and Adrienne Raphel InterviewWill and Adrienne Raphel "Crossword Call My Bluff"

Adrienne Raphel, Will ShortzAdrienne Raphel, Will Shortz

On Site Tournament ParticipantsOn Site Tournament Participants


Will and Justin Review FeedbackWill and Justin Review Feedback

Post of StandingsPost of Standings

Production Command CenterProduction Command Center

DrFill PresentationDr. Fill Presentation

Haley Gold Book DiscussionHaley Gold Book Discussion

Live Chat Room ImageLive Chat Room Image

Stu Ockman Stamford 2021Stu Ockman Stamford 2021

Stu Ockman's Constructor's Slide ShowStu Ockman's "Confessions of a Crossword Junkie"

Live Sketching PuzzleScattergories

Will Shortz, Kelli Christensen, Don ChristensenWill Shortz, Kelli Christensen, Don Christensen


Justin Hosek (Headset) PluginPlay Team Member_Justin Hosek (Headset) PluginPlay Team Member

Zack Sherwin VideoZack Sherwin Video

Final Puzzle Comparisons 2021_Final Puzzle Comparisons 2021

Tyler Hinman Post Win InterviewTyler Hinman Post Win Interview

2021 On Site Production Team2021 On Site Production Team


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