American Crossword Puzzle Tournament



Crossword Tournament

43rd ACPT • April 23-25, 2021
Tournament Victor Tyler Hinman
The winner - Tyler Hinman!


Top Ten

  1. Tyler Hinman
  2. Erik Agard
  3. David Plotkin
  4. Paolo Pasco (rookie)
  5. Andy Kravis
  6. Joon Pahk
  7. Jeff Davidson
  8. Dan Feyer
  9. Will Nediger (rookie)
  10. Glen Ryan, Stella Zawistowski (tied)

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Pairs division

  1. Evan Birnholz and Vicki Jones
  2. Stephanie Ferrone and Greg Ealick
  3. Julie Hayne and Phil Saunders

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Capsule History

First tournament conducted virtually, on account of the lingering Covid-19 pandemic. The puzzles were solved using software from Amuse Labs. The production was handled by the Canadian broadcast firm Waveform. The weekend highlights included a photo retrospective of past ACPT champions, 1978-2019, by Don Christensen; “Crossword Call My Bluff” by Adrienne Raphel; and a “Crossword Show Olio” by Zach Sherwin. Patrick Berry received the MEmoRiaL award for lifetime achievement in crossword construction. The ceremony included films by Stephen Berry, Nancy Coughlin, and Marie Haley. For the first time Matt Ginsberg’s crossword-solving program, Dr. Fill, recorded the top score on Puzzles #1-#7. In Sunday’s playoffs Tyler Hinman completed the “A” division playoff puzzle perfectly in 3 minutes, beating runner-up Erik Agard by 8 seconds, to take the $3,000 grand prize.

~ Will Shortz

Capsule history of all previous years.

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Pictures from the Tournament

Tournament Constructors and the 2021 ACPT Team

Solving Perfection

The following 119 Individuals and 12 Pairs solved all 7 puzzles with no mistakes.

Individuals: Erik Agard, Derek Allen, Joshua Allen, Carolyn Anzia, David Bael, Ben Bass, John Beck, Christian Beckner, Tom Bell, Melissa Bethel, Joseph Bockskopf, Ryan Booker, Laura Braunstein, Adrienne Cadik, Byron Calver, Trenton Charlson, Michael Colton, Matthew Conrad, Darrin Conroy, Paul Coulter, Mollie Cowger, Jeff Davidson, Jon Delfin, Marie desJardins, Alice Dutton, Shay Elbaum, Noah Feder, Dan Felsenheld, Neville Fogarty, Patrick Friel, Kristy Gardner, Lily Geller, Michael Gilch, Amy Goldstein, Gabriel Gonzalez, Mark Goodliffe, Josh Goodman, Matthew Goodman, Mark Gottlieb, Avram Gottschlich, Craig Harman, David Harris, Tyler Hinman, Chris Hoelck, Susan Hoffman, Christopher Hurt, Malia Jackson, Matt Jones, Stephen Kawalek, Jason Keller, Joshua Kosman, Andy Kravis, Robbie Kubala, Brian Kulman, Louis Lana, Steve Langer, Jesse Lansner, Alexander Lazar, Daniel K Lee, Parker Lewis, Lori Lewis, Andrew Lim, Brian Lipinski, Evan Magers, Maribeth Mason, Phil Matthews, Simon McAndrews, Phoebe McBee, Susan McVey, Mike Megargee, Tamar Mezzacca, Steve Mossberg, Leigh Newman, Jan O'Sullivan, Joon Pahk, Jill Palmer, Stan Park, Paolo Pasco, David Patrick, Doug Peterson, Kelly Petitt, David Plotkin, Deb Poppel, Joe Reiff, Elaine Renner, Peter Rimkus, Luke Robitaille, Tim Rueger, Christine Ruotolo, Glen Ryan, Bruce Ryan, Dan Sadoff, Al Sanders, Brian Sattinger, Hollie Schmidt, Dan Schwartz, Elijah Selzer, Miriam Sicherman, Jerome Silverman, Greg Smith, Daryl Sng, Marc Sole, Ken Stern, Roberta Strauss, Andrew Sullivan, Alexandra Teper, Jen Thatcher, Sara Thiemann, Rob Tricchinelli, Patti Varol, Hoang-Kim Vu, Carol Walker, Martina Waluk, Scott Weiss, Robert (60s) White, Robert White, Hannah Wilson, Robert Young, Stella Zawistowski

Pairs: Ross Beresford and Magdalen Braden, Evan Birnholz and Vicki Jones, Carmen Dreyer and Stephanie Reyes, Julie Hayne and Phil Saunders, Sandy Lawrence and Lisa Wend, John Lieb and Andrea Yañes, William Marshall and Tricia Marshall, Tim Pierce and Ellen Seebacher, Ron Scott and Jacob Scott, Thomas Ulen and Theodore Ulen, Bethany Wolkoff and Kathy Wolkoff, Ellen Zemlin and Max Thornton.

In the News

Matt Ginsberg and UC Berkley NLP made big news when Dr. Fill outperformed the human competitors. The following are some of the main stories.