American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

28th ACPT • March 11-13 2005


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"My Will"

Leslie Billig took first place in the American Crossword Idol competition, held Saturday night.

Sung to the melody of "Bill" from Show Boat
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Leslie Billig and Jon Delfin
Piano accompaniment: Jon Delfin


"My Will"

I used to dream when I was evolving
That I'd be solving one day
A puzzle that was funny and punny and full of fair play.

I always used to solve in pen
When Farrar and Weng were editing them.
Then Maleska came with his clues so tough
Till I finally cried "I've had quite enough."

Then along came Will, who's not that type at all.
He'd never put "salt compound" crossing "Kurdish tribe."
His verbal skills and clever fills
Donšt carry a stigma, 'cause he majored in enigma-

Tology, which no one else can claim.
Now near and far,
His work shines
In every New York Times,
as well as NPR.

That's why I say you've come a long, long way
From Crawfordsville
Your puzzles have never come up Shortz
That's why we love you, Will.

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