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Lloyd Mazer's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Lloyd Mazer's Pictures from the 2006 ACPT Tournament

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Cru Dinner — Vic Fleming, Bonnie Gentry, Lanie Cantor, Paul Bayer, Len Elliott and Judy Pozar Cru Dinner — Lynn DelVecchio, Faye Eastwood and Mike Alpern Cru Dinner — Randy Ross, Jeffrey Schwartz and Joe Cabrera Cru Dinner — Nancy Taubenslag, Al Sanders and Brian Domini Cru Dinner — Trip Payne Cru Dinner — Michael Goodman, Terry Hackert and Cathy Millhauser Cru Dinner — Ellen Ripstein, Mike Nothnagel, Rich Norris, Kim Taylor, Michael Goodman and Marilyn Huret Cru Dinner — Zulema Seligsohn, Ellen Harland, Anne Marie MacNamara, Byron Walden, Amy Reynaldo and Tyler Hinman Cru Dinner — Carol Brand, Sheila Zacken, J!m Jenista, Nancy Baker and Denny Baker Judy Pozar disguised as Brendan Quigley??? No way! Stan Newman with Ken Jennings Joe C. and the Pussycats — Joe Cabrera, Jenny Gutbezahl, Jeffrey Schwartz and Will Shortz at the Trivia Contest Ellen Ripstein, Fraser Simpson, Mark Danna, Merl Reagle Stan Newman, Dan Stark and Mike Alpern and the next crossword dictionary. The stellar Stella Daily with J!m Jenista. J!m's costume courtesy of Goodwill. Pat Merrell with his original crossword ambigram Merl Reagle with his latest editions hot off the press Ethan Friedman with Will Shortz in the background J!m Jenista — banned in Stamford?? Will Shortz and the always crossword stylish Eleanor Dantignac Mike Alpern with Susan Hoffman. Mike Shenk to the right. Nancy Shack and Cathy Millhauser checking their cameras. Lloyd Mazer with Ken Jennings Brendan Emmett Quigley The Cru Wine Bash — Saturday after Puzzle #6. It would have been much better if we had it before Puzzle #5!!! Cru Wine — Judy Pozar, Faye Eastwood, Lynn DelVecchio and Jay Keller Jenny G's Beer Bash — Trip Payne, Tyler Hinman, Jenny G., ???, ??? Rich Norris and Kim Taylor Chris Aldrich, Rich Norris and Kim Taylor Judy Pozar with Al Sanders Judge Vic Fleming with his daughter Elizabeth and her fiancé Emmett Weindruch Waiting for Wordplay to start J!m Jenista at the Wordplay showing Marie and Merl Reagle at Sunday breakfast Amy Reynaldo with Manny Nosowsky Will Johnston with Manny Nosowsky Lloyd Mazer with the wizard J!m Jenista Neil Conan with Merl Reagle at the finals Stan Newman and Patrick Creadon — Wordplay director Kiran Kedlaya created one of the most hilarious moments during A Division Finals. This is not a spoiler as I covered up all the correct answers. The clue at 1-Down is "Hides in the closet." You can see Kiran's answer! He did figure out the correct answer before the time ran out. Tyler Hinman with winning performance Sunday lunch with Judy Pozar, Amy Reynaldo and Byron (aka Marquis de Sade) Walden Tyler Hinman with Michael Shteyman at Sunday lunch Chuck Menning, Denny Baker and Nancy Baker Rich Norris has his hands full with Kim Taylor and Jenny G.