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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2006 ACPT Tournament: Group 5

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r7_005_1 r7_007_2 r7_009_3 r7_011_4 r7_013_5 r7_015_6 r7_017_7 r7_019_8 r7_021_9 r7_023_10 r7_025_11 r7_027_12 r7_029_13 r7_031_14 r7_033_15 r7_035_16 r7_037_17 r7_039_18 r7_041_19 r7_043_20 r7_045_21 r7_047_22 r7_049_23 r7_051_24 r7_053_25 r7_055_26 r7_057_27 r7_059_28 r7_061_29 r7_063_30 r7_065_31 r7_067_32 r7_069_33 r7_071_34 r7_073_35 r7_075_36 r8_030_13a r8_032_14a r8_034_15a r8_036_16a r8_038_17a r8_040_18a r8_042_19a r8_044_20a r8_046_21a r8_048_22a r8_050_23a r8_052_24a r8_054_25a r8_056_26a r8_058_27a r8_060_28a r8_062_29a r8_064_30a r8_066_31a r8_068_32a r8_070_33a r8_072_34a r8_074_35a r9_005_1 r9_007_2 r9_009_3 r9_011_4 r9_013_5 r9_015_6 r9_017_7 r9_019_8 r9_021_9 r9_023_10 r9_025_11 r9_027_12 r9_029_13 r9_031_14 r9_033_15 r9_035_16 r9_037_17 r9_039_18 r9_041_19 r9_043_20 r9_045_21 r9_047_22 r9_049_23 r9_051_24 r9_053_25 r9_055_26 r9_057_27 r9_059_28 r9_061_29 r9_063_30 r9_065_31 r9_067_32 r9_069_33 r9_071_34 r9_073_35