Will Shortz Portrait Puzzle
Art by Ken Knowlton (, Words and Clues by Frank Longo

1.Nephew of Caligula
3.Metric unit equivalent to .033815 fl. oz.
7.Old hand
11.Selling at a sidewalk stand
17.North Pole laborer
20.Magoo's title
22.Business org.
23."O Sole ___"
24.E-mail alternative
25.Solo of Star Wars
26.Reindeer relative
29.New Hampshire's capital
32.Viscounts' superiors
36.A trucker may have a handle on it
38.Cobb of baseball
40.Sign of things to come
42.Driver's license info, briefly
43.Maine mail-order giant
46.Mi-sol linkup
47.E=mc2 formulator
50.Underhanded secret-police organizations
53.Possesses with foolish passion
57.Nile reptiles
58.Ticklish Muppet
60.Cupcake seller
64.Taco Bell supply
66.Cowgirl Dale
68.Regatta accessories
70.Winter ailment
72.Cookie container
73.Kennel cry
75.Piggy bank feature
76."Electric" fish
77.Wears the uniform of
80.Upper heart chambers
83.Like tanks and knights
85.Featuring a glass-fitted opening in the roof
87.Puts into movement, in Manchester
91.Successfully salted, as a road in winter
93.At home
94.Shot size for an air rifle
95.Sands of ___ Jima
97.20/20 coanchor Sam
99.One who corrupts
101."Here comes trouble!"
103.Take a breather
104.Construct skillfully
106.Quoter of a selected book passage
108.Casey Stengel, for one
111.Exodus novelist Leon
112.Suffix of doctrines
114.Counting everyone
117.City south of Moscow
118.20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
120.Old Russian ruler
121.Actor Pacino
122.Strands of smoke
124.Singer Merman
126.That guy
127.Benjamin Hoff's The ___ of Piglet
128.___ mater
130.Common sedimentary rock
133.Low plain region surrounding Rome
136.Poker variety
138.Exclamation of surprise
139.___ route (on the way)
140.A centipede has many
141.Clueless star Silverstone
143.Follow as an additional development
145.Seat belts and leashes, e.g.
147.Loosened, as a shoe
149.Sink down
152.Letters for Old MacDonald
153.Tune for two
155.Uncapitalized: Abbr.
156.Pistols, slangily
159.Jr.'s dad
160.Half of VI
164.Hard ___ rock
166.Spacecraft segments
168.City that's home to Indiana University, where Will Shortz got his degree in 326-Across
171.Seventh scale degree
172.Large ice mass flowing between mountains
176.Director's shout before a shoot
179.Columbia is its cap.
181.Wall-climbing plant
182.White House fashion designer of the 1960s
184.Grind the teeth together
187.Cinemax competitor
189.In a short time
192.Syllable for Santa
193.Many millennia
194."___ Abner"
195.Yes, in Yucat�n
196.Bother incessantly
198.The "D" of D.J.
201."I can just see ___"
202.Yale student
203.Major blood type
205.Kind of
212.Feature of 428-Across that Will Shortz is concerned with
215.Coffeepot with a spigot
217.Interview With the Vampire novelist
220.Preliminary race
222.Tool storage site
223.All right
224.Leno of late-night
225.Thailand, formerly
227.Bench presser's pride
229.How some threats come across
230.The Bluegrass State: Abbr.
231.Neighbor of Earth
234.Title that doesn't indicate marital status
235.Short shuteye
236."Who ___ I kidding?"
238.Irish dance
239.Drop heavily
242.Warmed up again
250.Chemical symbol for silver
254."___ blame me!"
255.Roanoke loc.
256.Ostrich's cousin
259.Submarine sandwich meat
262.Flower holder
265.Japanese sash worn over a kimono
267.1997 French Open winner Majoli
270.___ rays (sunlamp emission)
271.Put into words
272.Calif. metropolis
274.Hollow cylinder
276.Explorer ___ de Le�n
277.Wilde actress Jennifer
279.Where Nashville is: Abbr.
280.It's restricted to an 850-word vocabulary and a few rules of grammar
283.Promise to marry
287.Oscar-winning dancer Fred
290.Genetic material
293."Hey, you!"
295.Rebounded sound
296.Post again, as a letter
298.President between HST and JFK
299.Give lip to
300.Person buttering bread, e.g.
302.Carpenters, at times
304.Rank between Maj. and Capt.
306.River Styx ferryman
307.Having only one center of revolution
310.1983 Hawaiian Open winner ___ Aoki
312.Small battery size
313.One who doesn't bother using the wastebasket
315.It's checked when you're carded
316.Anchorage's st.
317.Tendency to lie
319.Attack like a turtle
321.Repeating structural unit of a striated muscle fiber
324.Indian state whose capital is Shillong
326.The study of puzzles, in which Will Shortz holds the world's only degree
328."___ luck!"
329.Days ___ Our Lives
330.Behind bars
335.Christmas carols
336.Cigar dropping
338.Boob tube
342.Train system, for short
343.Like awful food
345.Lessening of levies
348.#1 Bee Gees hit of 1977
351.Element in a U.S. coin: Abbr.
353.Against all things Hibernian
355."___ t'aime" (French for "I love you")
356.___ Alamos
359."___ vey!"
360.Was a gathering place for
362.Colorful Apple computer
363.Folk singer McKennitt
365.Ethyl ___ (compound that smells like pineapple)
367.News-making boy refugee Gonz�lez
368.Take to court
369.Humphrey Bogart's High Sierra costar
371.XXX � X
373.What "@" means
376.Lightened up
378.Hosp. worker in white
379.Numbered hwy.
382.Most compassionate
384.10 star Derek
385.Neighbor of AZ and UT
388.Supposing that
390.President and CEO of Wal-Mart
393.Airport guess: Abbr.
399.Gym class, for short
401."Let ___ pray"
403.Bill Clinton's home st.
404.River from Belgium to France
406.Sports arbiter
407.Throat-checkup sound
408.Abbr. before a letter addendum
410."There's ___ in sight!"
411.Fraternity letter
413.Yes, to Yves
416.Prefix with friendly or system
421.Breakfast drink, briefly
424.Washington's loc.
426.Land of pyramids
428.Will Shortz's employer
435.Tested the tea, e.g.
437." ___ mouse?"
438.Pierre's place: Abbr.
440.Theatrical producer William or golfer Scott
442.Intended target of a show with mature themes
443.Distance of 3.26 light-years
444.Name on a tractor
446.Opposite of "from"
447."___ all ears"
449.Endangered pinniped
450.It merged with Time Warner
451.Percentage for the offering plate
452.Memo starter
453.Unit of three ft.
455.Dorm supervisor, for short
458.Iraqi or Saudi
461.How artistic works are pleasing
466.Give a PG to, e.g.
470.Mil. branch
472.Sediment particles
475.Alternatives to cherry pies
483.Firearm utilizing compressed air
485."Mi casa ___ su casa"
488.Triumph for a 489-Across
489.Brett Favre or Doug Flutie, for short
490.White vegetables
491.Basketballer's target
492.Moo ___ pork
493.In the direction of
497.Debtor's note
499.French philosopher Jacques
501.Huge land mass
504.Sound off
505.That is: Abbr.
506.GI entertainment gp.
507.Indian physicist who won the 1930 Nobel prize
509.Successfully mimics
511.Emerald Point ___ ('80s TV series)
512.Common four-year deg.
513.Government in power
515.Auctioneer's shout
517.Mind one's p's and ___
518.Where steel bands are popular
520.___ of the 'Wells' (Arthur Wing Pinero play)
522.Skirt fold
523.Historic periods
524.Shed tears
525.Single-file line
527.Advocates of ancient Greek and Roman styles
529.Spouse's assent
531.Sports center
532.Charlotte's Web author White
534.Person enrolling again
537.Beaver's construction
538.Serving a purpose
540.Acorn producers
541.Takes too much, briefly
542.Soup ___ jour
543.52 wks.
544.Tour de France vehicle
545.Plant seeds
546.Let get too much sun, e.g.
548.The Lone Star St.
1."Absolutely not!"
2.Apartment unit
3.Do-re-___ (moolah)
4.London lavatory
5.Sharp pain
6.Paul Bunyan's tool
7.Kind of camera for making facsimiles
8.Papua New Guinean port on New Britain Island
9.Lightswitch position
10.That '70s Show character Michael
12.Charlotte's place: Abbr.
14.Cause to be permeated
15.Rose Bowl org.
18.Bill Clinton's first Secretary of Defense
21.Alternative to Pepsi or Coke
22.Legendary pitcher Young
23.___ Better Blues (Spike Lee film)
24.Iron's chemical symbol
27.Pound: Abbr.
28.The Piano costar Harvey
30.Speed star Keanu
31.Process of breaking a link
33.Lie restfully
34.Bart Simpson's sister
35.Tin, to a chemist
37.Disney deer
38.Gang's territory
41.Do damage to
42.Fast Internet service: Abbr.
43.State-run games
44.Compounds containing the univalent group C6H5NH-
45.Super Bowl org.
48.212-Across events held annually in Stamford, CT, hosted by Will Shortz
49.London is its capital: Abbr.
51.Plant's flowering period
52.Graduating girls' purchases, perhaps
54.Red star in Taurus's eye
55.Of the ankle
56.Spanish for "treasure"
58.Rob of Melrose Place
60.Fishhook feature
61."___ you sure?"
62.Former wife, e.g.
63.Hairy Himalayan beast
65.Queen, in C�rdoba
67.Greek letter before xi
69.Least likely to be seen
71.Animal shelter
72.473-Down, for Will Shortz
74.Actress Winona
78.Assisi resident canonized in 1255
79.Sound engineers
81.Knot anew
82."Isn't that precious!"
84.Prince William's mother, familiarly
85.Boston Red ___
86.Not at all hidden
88.Road to Rio costar
89.It secretes oily matter for lubricating hair and skin
92."Sunny-side up" servings
96.Place for drawing water
98.Tennyson's title
100.Open-handed hit
102.Immunization-promoting org.
105.Seattle loc.
107.Franklin stove fuel
109.Fingerlike projections that form a brush border on the surface of epithelial tissues
110.Barley beards
113.___-mo replay
115.In an indigent manner
116.Good-deed-doing dog
119.Rugrats dad
123.Sacred song
126.Egg layer
129.Armageddon combatant
131.Negative reply, in Rio
132.___ Marcus (big name in mail order)
134.Rescue helicopter
135.Survive despite difficulties
137.Kofi Annan's org.
142.Standard of perfection
144."___ infra" ("see below")
146.Pawls engage with them
147.The "U" of UHF
148.The Empire Strikes Back director Kershner
151.Figure skater Lipinski
154.Avails oneself of
157.Most snobbish
158.Taxpayer's dread
161.___ Tabarro (Puccini opera)
163.Snow remover
165.Lhasa ___ (small terrier)
167.Mystery novelist Deighton
170.Opposite of 'neath
173.Boulevard: Abbr.
174."God Rest ___ Merry, Gentlemen"
175.Gross national product, e.g.
177.Towel storage sites
178.___ factor (specific antigen present on the surface of red blood cells)
186.Bro or sis
188.You may step on it when leaving the shower
190.Head supporter
191.Life story
197.What "&" means
198.Like some martinis
199.___ Minnow (Gilligan's vessel)
200.The Screwtape Letters author Lewis
201.Infamous Amin
204.Ding-dong producer
206.Dallas-to-Cleveland dir.
207."How come?"
208.Titan ___ (animated sci-fi film of 2000)
209.Sweet potato
212.Ballplayer's headpiece
213.You and I
214.Q-U linkup
216.Printing proof, for short
218.Suffix with beat or neat
219.Paradise and Lunch musician Cooder
221.Pothole filler
223.Paul Bunyan's Babe, e.g.
224.Opposite of "nein"
226.Four-time Indy 500 winner Foyt
228.India's locale
232.Crimson or cardinal
233.Period when travel fares tend to be relatively low
235.Football's "Broadway Joe"
237.List of entr�es
240.Neighbor of MN and MT
241."Back at ___!"
243.Green-eyed one
244.One of the Gabors
245.Box on a calendar
246.Mao ___-tung
248.New York City suburb that's home to WIll Shortz
249."Very funny!"
253.200th anniversary
256.Vote into office
260.Start of the workweek
262.Vice ___
263.Canonized one: Abbr.
264.Affectionate act
266.Musician's degree, often: Abbr.
268.___ cavae (major blood vessels)
269.Difficult to detect by echolocation, perhaps
273."You Belong to Me" singer Stafford
275.Marlon of The Godfather
278.51, to Caesar
281.ER hookup
282.Baseball Hall-of-Famer Warren
284.1958 Bobby Day hit
285.Horse trainer's shackle
286.Tannin, saponin or salicin
288.Rooms, in Rome
289.Poetry expressing the tradition of a people
291.Racial rights org.
294."___ Blue Eyes" (Frank Sinatra)
297.British crown colony in the West Indies
301.City south of the Finger Lakes
303.Summer capital of India
305.Hat-trick number
308.Close at hand
309.Symbol on a statistical graph
314.___ Sanders (international law firm)
316.Strong as ___ ox
318.In the style of
320.Tropical yellow fruits
322.Computer science field, briefly
323.Boston Bruins legend Bobby
325.Gorilla or chimpanzee
326.Pollution-fighting org.
327.Fails, as a business
331.Having luxurious tastes
333.Feeling of utter fear and helplessness
334.Close tightly, as the teeth
340.Coeur d'___, Idaho
341.South Korea's capital
344.Easter flowers
345.Hailed vehicle
346.Big person's T-shirt size
347.Authoritative decree
349.Water nymph
350.VCR format
352.That thing
354.Kol ___ (Yom Kippur prayer)
358.Title alien of a sci-fi smash
361.Washington-to-Colorado dir.
364.Cooling system, for short
366.Rocked on the edge
370.Flyer of the Jurassic period
372.Not solid or gaseous
374."___ and behold!"
375.___ Tower (Toronto skyscraper)
377.Word of greeting
381.The "I" of TGIF
384.Skeleton segment
386.Oft-incarnated Hindu deity
387.Photo ___ (Kodak moment)
391."Here's something to ponder"
392.Valerie Harper sitcom
394.Royal hue
395.Honolulu hello
396.Reached by airplane
397.It expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a solution
398.Toward the sky
400.One running the show
402.Something to mop
405.What Will Shortz calls 212-Across creators
407.Actress Aim�e
409.Dermis or epidermis
412."___ Johnny!"
415.Objectivist Rand
417.___ scan (medical x-ray)
418.Dust Bowl figure
420.Windows or Unix, e.g.: Abbr.
422.Push roughly
425.Snug as a bug
427.Prof.'s aide
429.Actor Asner
430."Slippery" tree
431.Chinese TV chef who "can cook"
432.Hwys., e.g.
433.Earl Grey, say
434.Rapper ___ Hammer
435.After-shower powder
436.A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison
439.Female deer
441.The math ratio 3.14
443.People using cyanide, e.g.
445.Dying words from Caesar
454.Debussy's "Clair ___ Lune"
456.Gallery hangings
457.For example: Abbr.
459.Camper, briefly
460.Trumpet or tuba
462.Zebra markings
464.Hemming-and-hawing syllable
467.Water, south of the border
468.People that software developers have in mind
469.Kind of printer that's not an ink-jet or a laser
471.Enya and Yanni, e.g.
473.Will Shortz is one
474.Cephalopod with an ink sac
476.Car enthusiast's magazine
477.Kind of 35mm camera
478.Residential college within Yale University
479.Note in the F major scale
480.Spanish hero ___ Cid
481.Ancient system of jurisprudence
482.Kigali resident
484.Alexander Pope pieces
486.Biting comedy
487.Physician, for short
490.Bring about
494.Metal-bearing rock
495.Return to custody pending trial
500."___ if I care!"
502.It's a free country
503.Year, in Ypres
508.Prefix with film or brewery
510.Make ready for use
512.Jazz pianist Eubie
514.Jacob's biblical twin
516.Soap ingredient
517.Status ___
519.What a colon means in an analogy
521.ER actor Noah
522.Vegetable in a pod
526.Spoon-bender Geller
528.Gas guzzler
530.Anonymous John
531.Infomercial, e.g.
535.Poet Cummings
536.The Waste Land poet Eliot
539."War___ hell"