American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

 Crossword Tournament

Sample Puzzle

Will I be able to compete? Are the puzzles too hard for me? These questions can be answered by actually solving a puzzle that was used in a previous Tournament. The tournament crosswords vary in difficulty. This sample puzzle is "medium." If you can complete it in 15 minutes, you would be competitive at the tournament. A time of under 10 minutes would be excellent.

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Uniformly Distributed by David Rosen
In which Shari Lewis contributes a bit of whimsy from her PBS series.

Copyright ©1993 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
1Caught some Z's
6Mood rings and hula hoops, once
10Lawyer: Abbr.
14Home on the range?
15Baldwin of Prelude to a Kiss
16Mets ballpark
17Arctic or Indian, e.g.
18Show of hands, perhaps
19Shipbuilding wood
20Part 1 of a riddle
23Recipe direction
24Modernize, as a room
25One's life, in 25 words or less
28Short scissor cuts
30Grind, as the teeth
34Make ___ meet
36Pontiac model that titled a 64 pop hit
37City that symbolizes middle America
38Part 2 of the riddle
41It comes from the heart
42Ending with mater or pater
43Word-mangler Berra
45Up, in baseball
48L times V plus I
50Radar blip
52Answer to the riddle
59Wrap for a rani
60Hermes' mother
61Please, in Potsdam
62Photosynthesis "factory"
63When Caesar is told "Beware the ides of March"
64Composer Bruckner
65Catch a glimpse of
66Dates regularly
67Ad lights
1Pack away
2President Walesa
3Fencer's sword
4Anjou, Bosc, and Bartlett
5Basic beliefs
6#1 choice
7Like a bump on ___
8Discourages, as attacks
9Public spat
10Its researchers do lots of looking up
11"Take ___ Train"
13Chatters away
21Inflatable raft
22Gardening power tool
25Strife-torn Lebanese valley
27Playwright Clifford
29This: .
31Running rampant
32Military campaign
33Entertains at home
35Harangue tediously
37Buckingham, e.g.
39Use a stencil
40French satirist who created Gargantua
45Eddie Rickenbacker, e.g.
46Oedipus, by citizenship
49Beans named for Peru's capital
52___ of Wight
53Opposite of ayes, to a Scot
54Word before door or shoot
56"Sock ___ me!"
57College founded by Henry VI
58Washington 100: Abbr